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As a professional body, our members are our most valuable asset. We support you by providing events, resources and more.

No matter where you are in your design career — a design student, recent graduate, educator or seasoned professional — there's a membership level for you. Join now to take advantage of exclusive member benefits today.

Membership is annual from 1st April - 31st March. Joining through the year is pro-rata.


  • Student

    $94 inc. GST

    Any student participating in a design-related course, who's not yet practising as a designer.

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  • Graduate

    $173 inc. GST

    A newly-graduated practising designer. This applies for up to two years before you must upgrade to become a Member (DINZ).

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  • Member

    $475.50 inc. GST

    Any designer practising in a design sector the Institute represents. A Member (DINZ) is eligible to apply for Professional (PDINZ) membership if they have been practising for a minimum of five years.

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  • Professional

    $475.50 inc. GST

    An existing Member (DINZ) who has gained experience as a practising designer and attained a high level of professional competency in their design sector. A Professional Peer Review must be carried out by a selected panel to acknowledge this Professional Membership (PDINZ).
    Contact or 09 529 1713 with any enquiries.

  • Affiliate

    $475.50 inc. GST

    Affiliate membership is open to any individual technical or professional specialist within a design related company, but not a practicing designer.

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  • International

    $173 inc. GST

    An international membership is open to New Zealanders who have moved overseas but who want to keep up-to-date with the NZ design scene. OR to international designers who are interested in the NZ design scene.

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  • Design Studio

    From $2096 inc. GST

    Any design consultancy or organisation offering design-related products or services. Or who is an employer of designers and supports the objectives of the Designers Institute.

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  • Tertiary

    From $2300 inc. GST

    Any tertiary institute offering design-education related courses, and supports the objectives of the Designers Institute.

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  • Business

    From $2300 inc. GST

    Any company, institution or organisation that is a supplier of products or services to designers. Or that is a client or employer of designers.
    Or who has an interest in being affiliated to design professionals, and supports the objectives of the Designers Institute.

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  • Sponsor

    From $0 inc. GST

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Best Design Awards
Discounted entry.

Designers Speak
Discounted, and often free, tickets

Contract Agreements
As a Member you have access to use our very comprehensive documents suite - contract agreements for each discipline, non disclosure agreements and procurement documents.

Legal, Insurance and Business Support
As a Member you are entitled to free, limited legal consultation, business and accounting consultation and Insurance packages tailored for your business:

Clendons Barristers & Solicitors offer a complimentary phone consultation on legal issues. (Please contact the CEO Cathy Veninga to arrange a consultation).

Staples Rodway offer a free 30 minute consultation with Catriona Knapp to discuss any accounting or business related issues.

Penberthy Insurance and Auckland Insurance are the Designers Institutes insurance brokers and will help you manage risk, and are happy to discuss your current policy.

The D.Card
Friends don't let friends pay retail. Reap the benefits of friendship thanks to some of
New Zealand’s best design companies. Visit the D.Card page for details on how your loyalty can be rewarded with a friendly discount.

The D.Cube
All members of The Designers Institute are recognised with a Green Cube, a symbol of belonging and a commitment to celebrating and advancing New Zealand design

  • Every member receives a Green D.Cube.
  • Professional Members who have been peer reviewed and have earned the right to a White D.Cube.
  • Fellows not only have a Green and White but also receive a Black D.Cube for their contribution to DINZ

Receive a complementary subscription of Idealog.